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Hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants in a liquid nutrient solution. The technique often includes growing media like potting soil, coco coir or a peat blend as a fast-draining support system. Hydroponics offers a greater level of control over each stage of a plant’s growth cycle than traditional methods of gardening, and if done right, greater results. Beyond providing plants with water, light, air, nutrients, and root support, there’s no one way to go about building a hydroponics system. They can take many different shapes and sizes depending on your needs or preferences; indoors as well as outdoors. But not all hydroponics soils are created equal...


Performance hydroponics products designed to maximize yield.

Black Magic exists to give growers the complete foundation for hydroponic gardening. Our range is developed by experts and pros alike on a mission to craft the best growing mediums, fertilizers, supplements, and growing devices possible with the finest ingredients, all backed by rigorous R&D. With a focus on performance, we aim to give growers of all levels the tools and confidence they need to garden with a higher purpose—maximizing yield


Learn the dark arts of growing

Hydroponics can be quite an involved process, but the ability to increase yield makes it worth the effort. Here are some tips for hydroponic growing, as well as feeding schedules for specific Black Magic products.

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