August 30, 1993

To All SMWC Members
From Coach Gabrielson (301) 855-4565

I hope your summer was exciting and you are looking forward to
the new wrestling season ahead.  I took it easy and played tennis
all summer, Kevin went to some JUDO practices but mostly did
nothing, and Jason went on tour with the Ohio All-Star Wrestling
Team at camps all summer.

As I do each year, I am writing our membership to find out what
you want to do for this coming folkstyle season.  We can practice
as a single team, workout with another team, compete in leagues,
concentrate on tournaments, or hold off doing anything until
freestyle starts.

Normally, high school wrestlers don't have the time to attend
regular practices during their own seasons.  Those in the past
that did attend regularly, like Ron Alexander, did very well in
their school competitions.  However, I don't expect high school
members at regular practices as a rule.  This year we loose
Angelo Johnson, Jason Gabrielson, Mike Toro and Daren Black to
high school.  Jason will probably make practice on a regular
basis, but I don't know about any of the others.  For HS
wrestlers, please don't tell me you are planning to wrestle all
winter with the club if you won't hardly ever show up after your
HS season starts.

As you all know, I prefer to stick to a tournament schedule. 
This approach has proven to be the most successful year after
year in quickly developing high class national caliber wrestlers. 
Look at the tremendous progress Jacob Zerbe and Rudy Rudea made
last year.  It is the approach for serious athletes who wish to
concentrate their talents, and base their college careers on
wrestling.  This is also an expensive approach, and I realize not
everyone can afford to use this training method.  That's why the
local leagues are available.  Our club members are viewed as
stars wherever we go, even by Team Foxcatcher, and I hope to keep
it that way.

Last year we worked out at Largo HS on Monday and Wednesday and
attended a tournament almost every weekend.  We started
practicing in late September.  Although some fall practices were
large, we averaged twelve to fifteen wrestlers at each practice
during the HS season.  We normally took six or seven to each
tournament.  About 1/3 of our regular wrestlers also worked out
with another local team until their seasons ended.  This often
gave them four to five workouts per week plus a tournament.

These are the options we have this season, plus I am open to any
other ideas.  I need to know the wishes of our membership within
the next two weeks.  We will go with what the majority wants.

1.   Work out at Largo HS two times per week starting late
September this year provided a sufficient number of wrestlers are
available.  I will only do this if enough wrestlers commit to
attending all season.  

2.   Allow members to work out at other clubs.  Take those that
wish to tournaments.  Start regular practices at Largo after the
league seasons wind down.

3.   Affiliate primarily with one local club and work out with
them on a regular basis.  Allow members to also work out with any
other club.  Compete in tournaments or league matches as the
membership wishes.  Start regular practices at Largo after the
league seasons wind down.  Since a large number of our membership
(14) plus two coaches work out at Southern Middle, (near Wason's
Corner in AA County) this is a likely club.  It is the club we
scrimmaged last season and is much stronger than the local junior
league clubs.  Its league champions also compete in the beltway
state championships.  Coach Smith, Vince, William McKinney, Ryan
Forman and I also live within a reasonable distance to this club. 
The club is close to the same distance from Upper Marlboro as
Largo HS is, but going north east rather than north.  It is
probably closer than Largo for the St Mary's and Waldorf

4.   Not start up our club until the local leagues wind down.

I plan to start working out on Monday and Wednesday nights at my
home starting September 20th, and will wait to hear from the
membership before deciding on a more permanent schedule.  I will
put out both mats, plus the pads, so I have room for most of our
members to roll around.  I would like to hear from everyone by
October 1st so please call.  I personally plan to only attend
tournaments again this season, but will coach or support
practices as the members wish.  Our first tournament is September
25th so lets get going soon.


Coach G