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Security Engineering Services Overview

Security Engineering Services, Inc (SES) is a woman owned small business training firm with offices conveniently located in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, about 1/4 mile south of the Naval Research Laboratory's CBD facility. Our mailing address is PO Box 550, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732. Since we only provide training services, reaching us by phone is difficult. It's best to email us directly.

Handbooks offered by SES include ..

Courses offered by SES...

SES has provided many specialty courses to Government and industry since 1983. We were the first company in the 1980s to offer and deliver a Government evaluated TEMPEST design course, and continue to offer quility courses in this specialty field today. Previous courses were taught at the SECRET level.

General TEMPEST design related information is now unclassified. Therefore, we have dropped our previous classified courses but will continue to offer our unclassified TEMPEST & Emission Security Controlled Design course. The cost for this two day+ course at your facility is $5,500 plus expenses for your unlimited number of students. Additionally, when we present the regular design course, you will have the option to receive the 5 hour course TEMPEST Program Management and Systems Engineering. This complementary course covers: TEMPEST Design Control Plan Development, Manufacturing, Program Management, TEMPEST Systems and Facility Design, shipboard design, plus several other important areas. These courses are one of a kind. We believe there are no other companies or organizations, including Government organizations, offering courses covering the theory and design material at the depth covered in our courses. Also, we are not offering the coursebooks or course related CDs independent of the courses at this time.

SES has a number of information abstracts and papers hosted on this server.

Specific Capabilities

Through our training programs, Security Engineering Services can make significant and cost effective contributions to our customer's programs in the fields of EMSEC, TEMPEST, and COMSEC. We have a long history in training commercial manufacturers, large Government organizations and Government contractors in the TEMPEST field.

Current TEMPEST Training Concentration

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